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Traffic Offences

Our Traffic Lawyers are experienced, proficient and skilled in Traffic Law and able to assist you in all Traffic Law related offences and/or charges. Our experienced Traffic Attorneys have an outstanding track record in Traffic matters in Local and District Courts.

Estate Planning

Our experience in administering complex estates and trusts is matched by our reputation for the ongoing personal attention that we devote to each estate we administer. Estate planning is the process of planning for the disposal of an estate to maximize the goals of the estate owner. In common law, a

Criminal Law

We have experience in representing and providing advice in all areas of criminal law and traffic matters. Watson Law can provide you with quality advice and representation in a wide range of matters including: 
Assaults Domestic violence and apprehended violence orders Drug Offences Larcency Driv

Contractual Disputes

Disputes can arise between parties of a contract: suppliers and retailers, contractors and subcontractors, between partners, between parties to a land contract or in a joint venture agreement. Breaches can occur and you may find yourself in a dispute with a party who has a completely different under


Disputes and litigation are often complex and uncertain. It is important to engage a lawyer who is experienced in litigation matters to assist you in obtaining the best possible outcome. Watson Law has experience in all areas of litigation including: 
Contractual disputes 
Employment Law Insolve


Filing for divorce may be common, but it is also a complicated legal procedure requiring the advice and representation of a family law attorney experienced with the particular rules and statutes at play in your part of the country.  


The law generally recognises a person’s right to make a Will that is unfettered by the normal constraints as to what is fair. However, this situation sometimes leads to a grossly unfair last Will and Testament which can leave valued members of the family without any benefits. Contesting a Will

Drink Driving

Facing a  drink driving charge like Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol ( DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated ( DWI) can be a harrowing experience. The prospect of  DUI penalties such as jail, or the loss of a  driver’s license, is not pleasant to contemplate. Your freedom and ability to make