Criminal Law

We have experience in representing and providing advice in all areas of criminal law and traffic matters. Watson Law can provide you with quality advice and representation in a wide range of matters including: 
Assaults Domestic violence and apprehended violence orders Drug Offences Larcency Driv

Contractual Disputes

Disputes can arise between parties of a contract: suppliers and retailers, contractors and subcontractors, between partners, between parties to a land contract or in a joint venture agreement. Breaches can occur and you may find yourself in a dispute with a party who has a completely different under


Disputes and litigation are often complex and uncertain. It is important to engage a lawyer who is experienced in litigation matters to assist you in obtaining the best possible outcome. Watson Law has experience in all areas of litigation including: 
Contractual disputes 
Employment Law Insolve


Filing for divorce may be common, but it is also a complicated legal procedure requiring the advice and representation of a family law attorney experienced with the particular rules and statutes at play in your part of the country.  


The law generally recognises a person’s right to make a Will that is unfettered by the normal constraints as to what is fair. However, this situation sometimes leads to a grossly unfair last Will and Testament which can leave valued members of the family without any benefits. Contesting a Will

Drink Driving

Facing a  drink driving charge like Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol ( DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated ( DWI) can be a harrowing experience. The prospect of  DUI penalties such as jail, or the loss of a  driver’s license, is not pleasant to contemplate. Your freedom and ability to make